Harmonic Growth has been unfolding organically for over 20 years.


I started holding didgeridoo sound baths, in the late 1990's, as a way of supporting deep relaxation and well-being for individuals and groups. Mandala making was introduced to encourage people to connect with their creativity and to explore setting intentions. Personal development exercises were then woven into the organic nature of the workshops to address the various forms of resistance many of the participants met when attempting to tap into their creative self. Nature connection exercises were added to the weekend sessions to aid people seeking clarity and inspiration on issues present in their lives through the power of spending time in nature. Triads (exploring the voice in groups of three), body work (simple stretches), breathing exercises and exploring diet are other elements of  the workshops that support participants to fully integrate intentions and changes in their daily lives.


After studying 'Spatial Design' at college Craig worked as an Interior designer. When an opportunity to travel in India and Nepal arose in 1995, Craig left his job to spend time exploring the world. He spent a number of years working overseas and traveling extensively. During this time he experienced many personal healings which aided his quest for clarity and understanding.

His journey of self-discovery continued to deepen after an emotional opening in 1998, when he was attuned to Reiki. This pivotal moment instigated many changes in Craig's life and was the beginning of his exploration of life's subtler elements, especially listening to and acting upon his intuition. In 2000 Craig became a Group Guide for Trees for Life after he participated on a Conservation Week in Glen Affric and experienced a deep connection with the land and an affinity with the aims of the charity.

Over the past decade Craig has been involved in 'Rights of Passage' weekends for men and teenagers through the charities 'The Mankind Project' and 'Journeyman UK' as well as being a local mentor for Inverness based 'Day 1'. Craig has experienced deep healing and powerful growth through the support of these organisations and believes that having rights of passages for different transitions in life can be hugely transformative and are a key element to a healthy community and society. 

Craig has studied with the College of Sound Healing,  Chloe Goodchild and Biofield Tuning as well as with many other teachers and is passionate about sharing his sound work, fondness of nature and experience of mentoring to support others as well as continuing to open to his own personal truths. He has been playing the didgeridoo for over 20 years.

Craig joined the Anam Cara community in 2016 and is currently involved in the running of the retreat centre.