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Sound is made up of vibrations, or sound waves, that we can usually hear and feel. These sound waves are formed by vibrating objects (guitar strings, vocal cords etc ) and travel through air, water, and solid objects.

A sound bath is when an individual or a group of people are bathed in sound and vibration. The didgeridoo, voice and other instruments are played around, near and (on rare occasions) directly over the body to support deep relaxation

Participants are not required to do anything, however are encouraged to allow their bodies to respond to the sounds in whichever way they feel moved. This can be dancing, making sounds, singing, stillness or even sleeping. Some people choose their personal practice, either meditation or a variety of journeying techniques to look inward during a sound bath. Participants have the freedom to deepen their understanding of themselves in the knowledge that the space is free of judgement and that there is no right or wrong.

Every sound bath is different due to the uniqueness of the individuals present and the mix of energies participants bring in any given moment. The sound and vibration received during a sound bath is a direct reflection and response to the energy of the individual and the group. This interplay is what allows each person to unfold and connect with their potential for deep transformation and wellbeing.


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